Course Transfer

Transferring to any course in U.B.

A student may transfer from one course to another after he is given permission and approval to do so by the Dean and the Registrar.


Transferring to another school

A student transferring to another school must apply for a Certificate of Transfer Credentials. Such credentials may be issued only after the applicant has been cleared from all financial, library and property liabilities.

Included in the Certificate of Transfer Credentials is the Certificate of Good Moral Standing indicating that the student is of good moral standing and has voluntarily severed his connection with the University of Bohol.  Only the informative copy of the Transcript of Records will be released to the student; the original copy will be mailed to the school where the student applied for enrollment.

After the release of the Certificate of Transfer Credentials,  the student concerned loses his student status in this university.  The rule likewise applies to students who have already registered themselves in another school.