Cross Enrollment

As per MORPHE 2008, Article XIX, Section 93:

“Cross enrollment is discouraged and shall be subject to institutional policies, rules and regulations.  However, for valid reasons as determined by, and with the written consent of the institution he is regularly enrolled in, a student may be allowed to cross enroll in another institution in subject loads not usually offered during that particular term.

At the discretion of the institution, a request for cross enrollment may be granted in accordance with the institution’s academic policies and standards on retention, promotion, transfer and cross-enrollment, and only under the circumstance as follows:

  • When the desired subjects are not offered by the institution the student is enrolled in, during the term of the requesting student’s enrollment;
  • When the subjects are offered, but their schedules conflict with the requesting student’s other class schedules; and
  • When the student intends to spend the school term in his home province or region and enrolls in subjects offered by an institution located therein, provided that, such application is in accordance with the accepting institution’s policy on cross-enrollment.

A student need not secure the clearance from the Commission to cross-enroll, provided, that the total subject loads do not exceed the allowable number of units per school term.”

The following is the procedure in securing a Permit to Cross-Enroll:

  1. Student must secure an official academic evaluation from the Evaluator at Window #7 at the Registrar’s Office, to determine and verify subjects to be enrolled.
  2. Applicant must prepare a letter of cross-enrollment request addressed to the Vice President for Academic Affairs through the Registrar;
  3. Secure an endorsement from the Dean, stating the reasons why applicant must be provided to cross-enroll.
  4. Secure a Certificate of Subject Offering from the Registrar of the school where applicant wishes to cross-enroll, stating the following:
  5. subject name
  6. subject description
  7. units
  8. class schedule
  9. Secure approval of cross-enrolment from the Registrar.
  10. Pay required fees at the Treasurer’s Office;
  11. Get the Cross-enrollment Permit from Window #7 at the Registrar’s Office and submit the same to the school where student will enroll.

A maximum of 6 units and  3 units during the regular term and summer term respectively would be  granted to those who wish to cross-enroll.