College of Nursing

            The University of Bohol College of Nursing offers the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree Program which envisions to prepare its graduates to become professional nurses, who upon completion of the program, demonstrates professional competencies, assume responsibility for professional growth and development and utilizes research findings in the practice of the nursing profession.


  1. Advocating the virtue of scholarship through demonstration of knowledge, attitude and skills in a competent manner;
  2. Participation in research to improve the quality of scholarship and effectiveness of the college;
  3. Adherence to the virtue of character manifested in legal, ethico-moral practices and demonstration of social responsibility;
  4. Acquisition of the virtue of service through compassionate, dedicated and competent nursing care; and
  5. Development of a source of awareness on the importance of participatory and collaborative management of society and clientele needs

Glory G. Roslinda, RN, MAED, MAN
Dean, College of Nursing