Community Extension Office


Excellence in promoting sustainable communities.


Guided by UB’s vision of transforming lives for a great future, the UB-CESO intends to apportion the University’s expertise and resources to inspire and cultivate sustainable development in communities and emerging students to become professionals embodying the Trinity of virtues: Scholarship, Character, and Service.


The University of Bohol Community Extension Services Office subsists to:

  1. Promote evidenced-based and participatory interventions, programs, projects and activities to advocate empowerment and sustainable communities.
  2. Integrate purposeful community participation in strategic planning, implementing and monitoring programs designed to build a healthful, sustainable future for the beneficiaries and improve quality of life.
  3. Initiate and promote corporate social responsibility through resource generation assistance.
  4. Create functional linkages, networking and partnerships with development organizations and other like-minded institutions for extension endeavors.
  5. Transfer knowledge and skills to promote empowerment and sustainable communities.
  6. Advocate on relevant societal issues and concerns to instill positive behavioral changes in the community.

Core Values

Team Work
“Committed to work as one towards transforming lives for a sustainable future.”

“Celebrating evidenced based-innovations to achieve success in promoting sustainable communities.”

Instilling integrity and promoting good governanceto positively influence good planning, implementation and monitoring.”

“Committed service for the people and of the people.”

Capacity and the will to translate the vision-mission-goals into reality.”

“Dedicated and high-spirited community helpers that goes beyond obligations and expectations.”

Social Responsibility
“Helping others improve quality of life.”

James Emmanuel TabigueJames Emmanuel Tabigue

Community Extension Services Officer