Graduate School (UBGS)


The core graduate school of exemplary professionals.


To cultivate value-laden professionals by advancing instruction, research, publication and extension.


  • To provide opportunities for advancement in professional growth and development through effective, efficient, flexible, and enriched instructional approaches in the graduate and post-graduate degree programs.
  • To produce capable, proficient, and intellectual graduates who are respected managers and trusted leaders in their respective fields of work.
  • To generate quality and relevant researches that will be utilized to respond to societal issues and challenges effectively.


  • Excellence - Serving towards superior quality and global competitiveness.
  • Commitment - Doing work with love and inspiration.
  • Social Responsibility - Actively accepting responsibility with integrity.


The University of Bohol Graduate School aims to produce graduates who are:

  1. well-equipped with highly advanced knowledge and skills in the specialized field of disciplines and programs through multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches;
  2. critical, creative, and collaborative in pursuing lifelong learning; and
  3. highly competent in producing researches utilized effectively to address community problems and issues.


By the time of graduation, the graduates shall have the ability to:

  1. utilize professional expertise to create innovations in management, systems improvement, policy, and program formulation;
  2. engage in lifelong learning for career advancement and leadership;
  3. adhere to the high ethical and moral standards in the practice of one's profession; and
  4. publish original research for utilization in community development.


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Management (PhD-EM)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Business Management (PhD-BM)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Human Resource Management (PhD-HRM)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Public Administration (PhD-PA)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Filipino (PhD-Fil)
  • Master of Arts in Nursing major in Medical-Surgical Nursing (MAN-MS)
  • Master of Arts in Nursing major in Nursing Administration and Supervision (MAN-NAS)
  • Master of Arts in Educational Management (MA-EM)
  • Master of Arts in English (MA-English)
  • Master of Arts in Guidance and Counselling (MA-GC)
  • Master of Arts in Psychology (MA-Psychology)
  • Master of Arts in Teaching Filipino (MAT-Fil)
  • Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics (MAT-Math)
  • Master of Arts in Teaching Physical Education (MAT-P.E.)
  • Master of Arts in Teaching Social Science (MAT-Soc. Sci.)
  • Master of Arts in Education major in Elementary Math Teaching (MAED-EMT)
  • Master of Arts in Education major in Elementary Science Teaching (MAED-EST)
  • Master of Arts in Education major in Pre-Elementary Teaching (MAED-PET)
  • Master in Public Administration (MPA)
  • Master of Science in Business Administration (MSBA)


Dr. Leah Wilfreda E. Pilongo
Concurrent Dean, Graduate School