University Junior High School (JHS)


A vibrant university high school nurturing lives for a great future.


To develop happy achievers equipped with life relevant skills anchored on the trinity of virtues: Scholarship, Character, and Service


The University High School is committed to produce graduates who are:

  1. emotionally and socially intelligent.
  2. academically and intellectually prepared.
  3. functionally literate and holistically developed young individuals capable of fending themselves in whatever field of interest they may engage in.
  4. God-loving and morally strengthened.
  5. experienced leaders and responsible citizens.
  6. globally involved in civic, cultural and ecological endeavors.

Program Objectives of the Junior High School

The University High School is committed to produce graduates who are:

  1. well-equipped with the academic and foundational knowledge in basic education.
  2. satisfactorily geared with functional life skills across a range of learning areas with core competencies in communication, scientific, critical and creative thinking and the use of technologies.
  3. ready in the furtherance of senior high school education and possible work experiences.
  4. potentially developed youth leaders, fully aware of their duties in building the nation.
  5. prudent in living out the values of self, others and all of God’s creation.

Dr. Ivybabe G. Petallar
OIC, University Junior High School